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[IK] Outside The Cube | bassjunkees.com [broadcasting from NYC] - Wednesday, June 16th

[IK] Robot Dance Party @ Cranky's Manatee [Cleveland] - Sunday, May 23rd

[IK] Study Sessions [Cleveland] - Monday, Dec.28th

[IK] Outside The Cube | bassjunkees.com [broadcasting from NYC] - Wednesday, Sept.9th

[IK] Camouflage [NYC] - Tuesday, Sept. 1st

[IK] (re)vision [Akron] - Wednesday, Aug. 12th

[IK] Beat Matrix on WRUW 91.1FM | wruw.org [broadcasting from CLEVELAND, OH] - Monday, Aug. 10th

[IK & JAGDISH] Sushi Bass @ Avenue A Sushi [NYC] - Saturday, Aug. 23rd

[IK] Camouflage @ Sin Sin [NYC] - Tuesday, Sept. 2nd

[IK] Secret Night Of Science @ Love [NYC] - Friday, Feb. 8th

[IK] Camouflage @ Sin Sin [NYC] - Tuesday, Feb. 12th

::Recent Mixes::

cslhd.147:: "Live on Outside The Cube" Live and direct from Brooklyn NYC
cslhd.146:: "Sentience" Ik's favorites from 2008
cslhd.142:: "Tranquility" The ultimate Summer soundtrack for your listening pleasure
cslhd.139 :: "Lance's Place" Electronic dreaminess via dub, ambient & idm from Ik & Jagdish
cslhd.138:: "Daydream" Let your mind wander to this flowing soundscape
cslhd.137:: "Deep Space" Ik mixes a travlelogue of liquid for outer galaxy journeys
cslhd.136:: "3rd Rail" Jagdish works some wicked tech-house magic
cslhd.130:: "Light In The Sky" Absolute classic atmospheric/liquid dnb mix by Ik vs. Jagdish
cslhd.129:: "Deepest Dub Yet" Jagdish takes dub and its forms to a new level

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