Over two decades ago, Fragment was conceived out of a need to share a common creative outlet. Born of the mind set of writing anything and everything electronic, Fragment has recorded three releases: 2 independently & one with CSL, evolving musically with each album. They have also written & produced numerous unreleased tracks. From hard, mechanical beats, to vacuous, ambient pads and synths, to rolling breaks and deep bass lines, synthesizers are the beginning and the end - the means by which Fragment has expressed its subconscious for two decades.

Today, Fragment has outposts on both coasts, with studios in Chicago and New York City. The focus is on experimentation. There are no limits or rules. Just the pureness and warmth of the tones and melodies that sound good to them. Within their unique sound one may hear undertones of Ken Ishii, Sun Electric, The Orb, & Mouse on Mars, to bands like Skinny Puppy and Einsturzende Neubauten. However, their philosophy and approach is tinted with everything from quantum physics to Beat poetry - with that kind of outlook, in addition to various line-up changes & natural musical progression, Fragment has stood on the outside of any genres or categories, creating completely original, organic, electronic music.

As for shows, Fragment's live performances have always been unique. Blending a full complement of live instruments with sequenced tracks & turntables, Fragment creates an entirely original set for each show. The formula is ever- changing: as different instruments are obtained and/or replaced, and integrated into the collective ensemble, the balance changes and the resulting performance is always mutating. Variations in transitions between tracks, through improvised melody, vinyl, and synthesizer effects, has proved to be a truly one of a kind live electronic experience. Appearances in Chicago, Cleveland and many other cities across the Midwest gave Fragment the momentum & base audience with which they used to relocate to New York City in 1998. In NYC, Fragment expanded that interest and support by playing numerous live shows, including a live ISDN netcast on the popular underground show "Freq". Fragment has also chosen to venture beyond the typical field of musical arenas, including scoring a performance & playing live with modern dance company Blue13, and executing a live/DJ score at fashion designer Cynthia Rowley's Fall '99 show inside Grand Central Station's Vanderbilt Hall.

::"Zero Point", taken from the live show on Freq::

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