Jagdish started his musical journey by playing drums when he was growing up and found himself playing in a hardcore band with Ik by the time he was 18. While the project was short-lived, his original technique and fluidity helped form a solid rhythm section and quickly laid the foundation for what was to become a completely natural and unforced working musical relationship between the two. After spending a few years exploring the intricacies of electronic composition and refining his technique, Jagdish joined Fragment, bringing his knowledge of rhythm and the added the dimension of live percussion to the outfit, as well as his unique style of programming in the studio. It only took a short time for it to become evident that the duo shared a common goal in musical direction, and he has been working on various projects with Curved Space Labs - most notably Fragment - ever since.

In the studio, Jagdish draws on his various eclectic influences, ranging from dub and techno to metal to hip hop, in order to maximize creative output and achieve a truly one of a kind sound. He currently runs CSL's East Coast operations and M31 East in Brooklyn, NYC.


  • ISDN Netcast on Freq/pseudo.com, NYC
  • Good World, NYC
  • CB's 313, NYC
  • Void, NYC
  • Peabody's, Cleveland


  • [NYC]
  • Compound @ Good World, Resident
  • Zero Point @ Korova Milk Bar, Resident
  • Thursdays @ Void, Resident
  • Aperture @ Level X, Brooklyn
  • Testpress Sundays @ Drinkland
  • Third Rail Elektrik @ Guernica
  • Sushi Bass @ Avenue A Sushi
  • War of The Worlds @ King Collision, Brooklyn
  • All Pro Drum & Bass Invitational @ Sweet & Vicious
  • Velvet Lounge
  • Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station: Live PA/DJ Score for Cynthia Rowley's Fashion Show